How to repair the Nintendo Error Code 2813

Nintendo services usually work incredibly well. When was the last time you had an important problem with its official site or even with switch? Even so, problems arise from time to time, generally followed by an error code. These do not disseminate much about what the problem is, not without looking for it. In this case, if you are experiencing the Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900, we have created a guide to solve it.

How to repair the Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900

The Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900 is an indication that something went wrong between you and the SHOP service. It could have been a failure, a connection error or an interruption in the online service. From scratch, let’s work together to solve the problem:

  • First, restart Nintendo shop.

If it was only a setback with the shop, simply close the application (or close the browser) and radical. It can be more thorough by restarting the switch if that is what is accessing the electronic store.

  • Now check the state of the Nintendo network.

At the time you tried to use the shop to buy or navigate, Nintendo may have closed the server temporarily for maintenance. Naturally, you cannot access it without the server in execution. You can verify the status of the services visiting the official website of the Network.

  • Restart your modem or router.

In the event that Nintendo servers are working, the error can come from your part, as a bad connection. Locate your modem and router, unfortunate for 60 seconds and then plug them back.

  • Try another payment method.

Since the error code 2813-9900 tends to appear after trying a purchase with a credit/debit card and redeem codes, we suggest using a different payment method when appropriate. Anyway, you must also make sure you have enough funds to make a purchase.


With that, now you have everything you need to know to correct the Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900. If everything else fails, it returns in an hour and try again. To get more content related to Nintendo, take a look at the latest version of Super Mario Bros. Trailer of the film. What are your thoughts about voice performance? Do you think Pokémon urgently needs voice performance?

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