A special dish in the city and how to cook it in GenShin Impact

The city is the reliable general of the Army Vatatsumi, who really respects his subordinates and the cocked.
Although he lives in constant fear of a particularly cunning fox from the Great Sanctuary with chips, he showed himself a capable leader in many respects.
A special dish of the city is called the Legend of Victory, a variety of Thing Ramen.

How to get a recipe for a special city dish in Genshin Impact

You can buy a recipe for a thin Ramen from Chimera, which is located opposite Katherine in the city of Indium.
Talk to Chimera Kaaba to open the store menu.

You can buy a recipe for a thin Ramen for 5 500 Moreira one-time purchase that will allow you to cook as many dishes as you want.

How to cook Victorious Legend in Genshin Impact

You can cook Victorious Legend on any plate.
Using the mountain.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to prepare a special dish if you have not pulled it out.


Interact with any bonfire or stove to open the cooking menu and choose a thin tower of the ramming can be prepared from the following ingredients:
x4 raw meat
x3 flour
x2 Bamboo escape
x1 bird egg
Flour can be processed using wheat.
If the city is preparing a thin Ramen, a chance that he instead create Victorious Legend.
The exact speed of cooking special dishes is unknown, but it works both in manual and automatic cooking modes.

The difference between Toots Ramen and Victorious Legend to Genshin Impact

Both of these recipes restore HP to the selected character.
Thin Ramen-restores 30/32/34 percent of Max.
HP and additional.
600/1250/1900 HP selected character.
Victorious legend-restores 40 percent max.
HP and additional.
2350 HP selected character.
Check out our best assembly of the mountain in Genshin Impact here in the guidelines for professional games to raise the general of the Army of Vatatsumi to support your team.

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