5 Crazy Things We Learned From The First Joker 2 Shoot Photo

Christian Bale’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has been hailed by critics as one of the most iconic roles in cinema in recent years.

If the fans are currently hypothesizing on this suite, some reports revealed a musical, we see above all that Joaquin Phoenix provided his individual to resume the role of Arthur Fleck.
He indeed found his body of 2018, weight of around thirty kilos, given that the latter came out of the filming of Napoleon where the star was rather well in the flesh.
We recall that the release of the film is expected for October 4, 2024, in the United States and two days previously concerning France.


We have time to see him coming.

Officialized last June with a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading the film script, Joker 2 madness for 2 has simply begun shooting.
It is Todd Philippe in individual who made the statement on his Instagram account, revealing at the same time a first official picture of the film, and the following legend: Day 1. Our Young boy.
We see Arthur Fleck torso-NU, resting being shaved in a position that seems quite unpleasant.
The angle of his left arm presses us to believe that he has his hands tied behind his back and that he is therefore shaved by what seems to be the guardian of a penitentiary, most likely that of the asylum

If the scenario follows the occasions of the first episode, Arthur will for that reason be locked up, and we think of that Harley Quinn (camped by Girl Gaga) will undoubtedly bring him out of his prison.

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