Akitsu Kimodameshi Toukabou Shigure Guide

The new Toukabou Figure sword is debuted in the Genshin Impact Kits Kimodameshi event.
That’s all you need to know in order to unlock the free 4-star weapon in testing the courage of Akita Judea.


How to get Toukabou Figure in the Genshin Impact Kits Kimodameshi event?

Tuvalu Figure Sword is a reward in Akita Kimodameshi a holiday.
The special event Genshin Impact 3.3 starts on December 15 and works until January 02, 2023. After the update is released, you can find the Testing line on the sea dock platform located near the China Forest in Indium.
To take part in a special event, you need to have at least the 30th rank of adventure and fulfill the quest of the Arching of Chapter 2 of Act 1 Rico escape plan.
Having gained access to the event, you can unlock the Toukabou Figure sword by performing a series of tests described below.

How to unlock Toukabou Figure in the Kits Yucca test from Genshin Impact?

Tuvalu Figure, the sword was unlocked in Akita Yoga Challenge during the Kimodameshi event.
To get a weapon, you will need to perform a series of mini-games that rotate around the destruction of bricks.

Like the classic arcade games Paranoid or Breakout, you will control the bar that throws the ball back to the group of spontaneous bricks.
Depending on the hero you have chosen, you can fill the ball with spontaneous forces in order to apply more damage.
The game also allows you to create a team and attach modifiers to strengthen your attacks.
After passing the levels of the Kits Yoga and the stages of the bosses, you will receive a special currency of the event that can be used to redeem into a 4-star sword.

How to improve Toukabou Figure in Genshin Impact?

If you want to improve the new Toukabou Figure sword, you need to unlock it.
Sophisticated material Parasol Talcum.
As in the case of four-star weapons, you can get a special material by performing the test of courage to the Kits UGE.
To improve the umbrella sword to the maximum level, you will also need an old guard, wisdom with brokenness, damaged prisms, joy of chips, muddy prisms, a combat guard Age, frame guard, loving with chisels, shining prism and valor of shavings.
Thanks to the bonus effect of the skill of the elements, the new sword will be the perfect weapon for the 5-star hero ANEMF Kazakh.
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