Democrats Fight: The Sound Of Victory Is Born

H₂ Interactive Co., Ltd. (CEO Huh Jun-ha) announced that it has officially released the Korean version of the Daemon Fighting Game Dome Fighting Heard Nintendo Switch, developed by Main6 (INC) today (December 15).

Dems Fighting Hal is actually a terrible and powerful warrior, but it is a 2D fighting game where you can enjoy a variety of actions, including local and online wars as well as story mode by manipulating cute and cute animal friends.
Cute animals designed by prominent cartoon producer Lauren Faust show off their cute and win the strongest position.

■ Game features

• Simple and brilliant action: based on a 4-button fighting system that adds magic to the weak-middle-river attack, you can use a super-special monster that collects magic or gauge, and is equipped with a juggling decay system that prevents infinite combos.
A more fair match is possible.

• Story mode: In story mode, you can experience episodes adventures filled with villages and dungeons, dialogue with NPCs, and fighting with mini-games and bosses.


• Local and online matchmaking: You can enjoy online war with GPO’s powerful rollback Net code as well as Local War.

• Tutorials and Training Mode: Learn how to learn through the combo trial and guide tutorials, and practice the combo in a datas-rich training room.
It is also possible to grasp the problem by looking at the last match’s replays.

• Dynamic Music: The powerful music prepared by the character’s characteristics provides more exciting action by making all the matches like fighting between champions.

■ Dems Fighting Heard Deluxe Edition Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version

• Game main story (including basic characters and additional character Shanty)
• Lobby costume pack (additional pixel lobby accessories)
• Additional Palette Pack (1 color per character)
• Season Pass (4 characters + 4 stages + 4 new songs + pixel lobby sprite)

For more information on the Dems Fighting Heard Deluxe Edition Nintendo Switch Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version of the official website, Facebook, and YouTube and H₂ Mall.

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