Kojima Productions: Take part in an impressive studio tour. Kojima Productions celebrates the seventh year of independence this Friday

Kolyma Productions is a Tokyo-based video game development studio founded by Video Kolyma. The company is best known for its work on the Metal Gear series of games. Founded in 2005, Kolyma Productions was one of the first Japanese studios to fully embrace the latest generation console hardware and online technology, releasing some of the most technologically avant-garde titles on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Kolyma Productions celebrates the seventh year of self-reliance this Friday after the studio founder Video Kolyma separated from his previous employer INAMI after internal conflicts.
In keeping with the anniversary, gamers can accompany the producer and game designer through the studio.
Below these lines are embedded by 2 YouTube videos, which consist of a declaration by Kolyma and a studio tour through quite excellent business properties.
[AD1] Kolyma Productions was established in December 2015 after Kolyma left INAMI after the completion of Metal Equipment Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.
The very first project called Death Stranding was launched within a short time, which was initially announced specifically for the PS4 at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference.
Later on publications for PC and as Directors Cut for PS5.

follow up and film announced

Death Stranding will continue to be a huge topic in the future.
As part of the Video game Award Week, Kolyma made the announcement of the follower Death Stranding 2, which will probably get a various name.
The studio explains that it is a working title.


A film about Death Stranding is also in the works, as we just reported the other day.
While it is uncertain whether the action of the 2nd or very first video game is mostly embraced, it is clear that Alex Ebonics ( Barbarian) and Video Kolyma will look like a producer.
Production takes place in cooperation with the Hammer stone Studios ( Barbarian, King Fury).
Something is happening in other places too.
Kolyma Productions also works with Xbox.

With the assistance of cloud innovation, a game is to be developed that the Video game Designer has actually not yet established.
Nevertheless, it has actually been comparatively peaceful about this project since the statement in June this year.
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Fans from Kolyma Productions and all other players can look at the business’s facilities:
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