Yes! High on Life has multiplayer and cooperative mode

The long-awaited title of Squinch Games, High On Life, is finally here, pushing the players to the trip of their life.
As hunting, you must discover a way to save the earth through the use of speaking alien weapons and a variety of skills.
The game has a cast of very memorable characters that raises whether there is any form of multiplayer or cooperative at the top of life.
This is what you need to know.

High on life has multiplayer or cooperative?

Image source: steam
Unfortunately, High on Life has no multiplayer or cooperative functionality.
Before the game launch, all images were mainly images for a single player, and now that High on Life is available, we have the confirmation that it is only for a player.
As mentioned, High On Life focuses on the difficult situation of a hunting that has the task of saving the earth.
The game is strictly for a player, with your alien weapons called Italians who speak for you.


When navigating the variety of game menus, it will quickly notice that the multiplayer mode is not an option.

While it is designed inherently to be a solo experience, more strange things have happened, so the possibility of a cooperative can never be out of the table.
That is all you need to know about whether there is multiplayer or cooperative in high on life.
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