The streamer Nuked a good gamble in Qatars final and lost

With the final of the World Cup in Qatar, it is very likely that many carried out bets on who would be the winner in yesterday’s game.
While some played with $50 pesos or about $500, one of the world’s largest streamers opted $500 thousand dollars, something that at the end of the day ended up losing.


Recently, QC, one of the largest streamers of the moment, carried out a transmission during the party between Argentina and France, where it opted $500 thousand dollars for the European country.
Although after the first half he decided to withdraw a large part of this sum of money, leaving only $5,000.
However, it is important to mention that most of this money was not his as such, since it was sponsored by the betting house.

Although it is not revealed how much money it received in this way, it is speculated that it was more than at the end of the day.
As they surely know, Argentina ended up winning the game, and XQC lost $650 thousand dollars in a single bet.
In related issues, FIFA 23 correctly predicted the winner of this World Cup.
Editor’s note:
Hopefully this is a lesson for all who spend betting large amounts of money.
For XQC, this was surely not a great loss due to its position as one of the largest streamers in the world, as well as the sponsorship it had, but not everyone has this security.

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