Smashing the Battle, Overton, and Metallic Child, which was released last year.
Han Dae -hoon, CEO of Studio HG, who showed outstanding quality games even though he was a one -person developer, joined hands with Action Square.
Over the last 6 years

Much Cry 6 has a number of companions, yet the most lovable group is chorizo.
This wonderful canine can be your best pal in a fight as well as help to distract the attention of opponents to ensure that you are behind Si

Diablo Immortal has planned to keep players busy with several high-level activities, including 8-player Raid bosses through the Infernal Locket. The first boss is Lassal, and the second is Vitaath. It is much more potent than its predecessor, with a more complex strategy. How to unlock Vitaath?Vitaath is now available in Diablo Immortal. You must…