In League Spot 13. 3, nevertheless, the Pride of Nazumah will be getting knocked down a peg with significant nerfs to his Ntofo Strikes, Course Maker, and All Out Ultimate, together with nerfs to Zacs capability power, Amumus Temper tantrum damage, and mo

One of the great changes in League of Legends this season is Nerf to TP.
Having to wait 14 minutes before being able to use the invoker spell in a ward or a subject is something that does not cool much, but … are the players of LEC C

Of the total League of Legends champions, only 18 of them have not appeared competing in an important league this year.
A look at the forgotten and forgotten crack of the invoker, and why no one is playing them.

Reading in Millenium: a member of the League of Legends community created a gigantic article in which he criticized all Riot Games events ensuring that they had always been quite bad.
To his surprise, one of the founders of the com

Read in Millenium: Sometimes Riot Game developers deny or confirm some of the most curious ideas of the community.
It has been the case with a very curious question: what are the two champions that are best complemented in a game